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New  MPS Photos Scrutinizer iconMPS Photos Scrutinizer - picture viewer with build in magnifying glass
MPS Clock iconMPS Clock - digital alarm clock with toy radio
MPS Randomizer iconMPS Randomizer - it can to random pick and present your pictures, games, music and almost anything else
MPS Mini Desktop iconMPS Mini Desktop - a handy complement for the classical desktop
A Pad iconA Pad - links organizer
MPS Calendar icon MPS Calendar - 12 months, paper card like calendar
Desktop to Photo iconDesktop to Photo - screen capture - Watch video
MPS Lens iconMPS Lens - screen magnifier - Watch video
MPS Portable Mini Desktop iconMPS Portable Mini Desktop - pseudo operating sistem for pen drives
MPS Reminder.png iconMPS Reminder - reminder
MPS Roulette iconMPS Roulette - American roulette
MPS Puzzle iconMPS Puzzle - jigsaw puzzle
MPS MessageBox iconMPS MessageBox - a fancy alternative to standard message boxes
Games Randomizer iconGames Randomizer - launch programs randomly
MPS Color Mill iconMPS Color Mill - colors replacement tool
Color Synt iconColor Synt - colors editor
Click-to-Clip iconClick-to-Clip - internet accounts organizer
Ko-No.c.v iconKo-No c.v. - Ko-No
NameIt iconNameIt - paswords generator

Top Downloads:
Desktop to Photo

5 Stars Award from GearDownload.! 5 Stars Awarded on Best Vista Download 5 Stars Award from SoftSea Desktop to Photo video tutorial at 5 Stars Award from Freedownloads Place 5 Stars Award from Soft82 Awarded by 5 Stars Awarded by

Video: Desktop to Photo trailer (35sec);
Download Desktop to Photo, the latest version!
View Desktop to Photo description and screenshot...
Desktop to Photo Video Tutorial done by

MPS Lens
MPS Lens is Windows 7 compatible       Free download MPS Lens for Windows 7
5 Stars Awarded on Best Vista Download       5 Stars Awarded by Download Typhoon       Rated by 5 points award on download ready       Windows 8 Downloads       MPS Lens is Windows 8 compatible

Video: MPS Lens trailer (duration: 75sec);
Download MPS Lens, the latest version!
Details about MPS Lens...

MPS Portable Mini Desktop
Click to pick!
5 Stars Award from Freedownloads Place
Download "MPS Portable Mini Desktop"
View MPS Portable Mini Desktop description and screenshot...

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M.P.S. Promotional Calendar
12 months calendar  12 months calendar
Face      Verso 
Paper card 12 months calendar like look and functionality.
In addition of that each day can have an associated notice.
(require NET Framework, size - 410kB, also work from memory stiks)

Download MPS Calendar
View online calendar from

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Roman(M.P.S. home)

Roman(M.P.S. home)
Romania / Roman (MPS home) / Central Square
Then: 06-30-2009, 10:30 AM, rainy, T = 20 C        Now: 07-25-2014, 05:15 PM, sunny, T = 29 C
Street View from Romania, (search for: Roman, Nicolae Titulescu street)
Weather 40 Km south of Roman:

Last 90 Days News:
"MPS Photos Scrutinizer" - revision (v1.1.5.12)
- now it can visualize and test tiled backgrounds;
"MPS Photos Scrutinizer" - revision (v1.1.5.11)
- now it can create 'portable shortcuts' to ensure an ease of access in case of portable setups and 'install on pendrives' is an installer option;
"MPS Photos Scrutinizer" - revision (v1.1.5.10)
MPS Photos Scrutinizer is now completely portable.
"MPS Photos Scrutinizer" - revision (v1.1.5.7)
- now, all additional information layout and slide show can be temporarily suspended, or restored, with a single key press;
- now the preview can be turned to Previous or to Next just by using the Mouse wheel and Control key.
"MPS Photos Scrutinizer" - revision (v1.1.5.5)
New, skeuomorphic, look for the quick guide.
"MPS Photos Scrutinizer" - revision (v1.1.5.3)
New message cartoons.

Hosted software:

WinSnow98 is a simple, beautiful little program that adds snowfall on your desktop.
Download WinSnow98
PacPc v2.00A
PacPc the arcade classic, eat the dots and avoid the ghosts!(size200kB)
Provided by
"Game Conversion"
Download PacPc

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