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PAD file: http://members.upcnet.ro/mihail.gherghel/Desktop_to_Photo.xml
First added 04.27.2008 - Last update 05.03.2011, h 15:10 GMT
Upgrades work by installing a new version over existing.
-Upgrades log:-
09-02-2009 - Now also have a precision snapshot mode. 09-18-2009 - Now can be installed also on memory sticks! 10-18-2009 - Now install on pendrive is an installer option! It is also MPS Portable Mini Desktop friendly! 10.21.2009 - Improved installer; 10.31.2009 - Improved installer. Work better; 06-14-2010 - Update - Work better; 08-05-2010 - New version ( - Now the help system is compatible with Windows 7 (help button work); 08-21-2010 - Update - Work better; 08-22-2010 - New version ( - More robust and now the storage folder can be open in Windows Explorer directly from Options window; 09-03-2010 - Proudly listed at Windows 7 Download; 09-13-2010 - New version ( - Work better; 09-14-2010 - New version ( - Work better; 09-23-2010 - New version ( - Now it can take snapshots from any display conected to the system;; 10-01-2010 - New version ( - Desktop to Photo is now more reliable; 10-22-2010 - New version ( - Now it can automaticaly select the window behind the cursor and work better; 02-28-2011 - Revision ( - Now Desktop to Photo can have as command line the desired storage folder. Is like having multiple cameras... 05-03-2010 - New version ( - Now the command line of the Desktop to Photo specify a profile name. Profiles differentiate all available settings. It's truly like having multiple cameras;

A small program for static screen capture, with a nice photo-camera - like look and functionality, and easy to use. With a single click capture screen and save as BMP, JPEG or PNG. Easy to insert the snapshot in any picture or document by pressing one of Copy buttons (Copy Picture, Copy Path) and then paste the result. Selected area can be automatically adjusted at 3/4 format or free.
Tested on Windows XP, Windows 7 - (No special requirements. File size:485kB)

Video: Desktop to Photo trailer (35sec);

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